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The soil influence of Amalgerol is the basis for sustainable

Amalgerol is a highly digestible carbon source for all beneficial soil-borne microorganisms. As a result of soil treatment, there is a rapid and significant increase (176%) in the number of soil bacteria which are generally found in the area and contribute to beneficial decomposition processes and facilitate the uptake of nutrients. The abundance of beneficial soil bacteria results in faster organic matter decomposition, which causes measurable soil warming (+2°C). As a result, germination improves, and plants grow more rapidly. The abundance of soil bacteria promotes CO2 formation (+10% CO2), which loosens compacted soil and facilitates germination. The increased CO2 concentration makes nutrients more soluble and easier to absorb. As a result of the loosening process, nutrients are revealed and accessed more easily. The vegetable oil content in Amalgerol sticks the soil particles together, which results in a friable soil structure. As the soil becomes more friable, drainage (of inland inundation) improves and a healthier air-to-water ratio develops, resulting in improved soil thermal balance. With a more active soil life, plant remains and active substances from pesticides used during previous years in the area decompose at a much faster pace.

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